P. O. Box 1168, Shiprock, NM  87420   Tel: (505) 368-1270, 1287   Fax: (505) 368-1288
Email: nnsrcourt@navajo-nsn.gov

Physical Address:  North of the northeast corner of U.S. Highway 64 and U.S. Highway 491 in Shiprock


News and Announcements

DATE: Friday, June 12, 2020


The Shiprock Judicial District is resuming essential services at its court house in Shiprock, N.M., effective June 15, 2020. No in-person services are being provided by the Shiprock Judicial District as the exterior doors to all Navajo Nation Judicial Branch facilities are locked for the safety of employees and the public.

The Shiprock District Court may be contacted by email, fax, telephone or through U.S. mail. The contact information for the Shiprock court is as follows:

P. O. Box 1168,Shiprock, NM  87420  
Telephone: (505) 368-1270 
Fax: (505) 368-1288
Email: nnsrcourt@navajo-nsn.gov

The Court is accepting all filings by email, fax or mail. All scheduled hearings will be held by teleconference or other electronic means. If you have any questions, please contact the Court.

Essential services include hearings pertaining to the following types of cases:

  • All criminal proceedings concerning an incarcerated defendant (i.e., arraignment, bail hearings, revocation hearings, etc.)
  • All proceedings concerning detained juveniles, abused or neglected minors (i.e., shelter care hearings);
  • Habeas corpus actions;
  • Involuntary commitment hearings (i.e., mental health commitments, guardianships, and other civil commitments);
  • Extraditions and federal detainers;
  • Order to Show Cause proceedings;
  • Applications for orders of protection and matters of enforcement;
  • Applications for injunctive relief; and
  • Proceedings that are essential to the public health state of emergency.

Payments for fines and fees may be paid by money order to “Navajo Nation” and mailed to the Court. Please include docket number and contact information.

A downloadable “Application for Protection from Domestic Abuse and Service of Process” is available on the www.navajocourts.org website. If there are any issues, please contact the Court for assistance.

The Court reminds the public that there are a limited number of staff working at the Court in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and asks for patience during this time as the Court continues to offer essential services during the public health emergency. For the latest information and announcements, please visit www.navajocourts.org.


  • Beclabito
  • Cove
  • Gadiiahi/To'koi
  • Naschitti
  • Nenahnezad
  • Newcomb
  • Red Valley
  • San Juan
  • San Juan
  • Sanostee
  • Sheepsprings
  • Shiprock
  • Teec Nos Pos (east of New Mexico/Arizona state line)
  • T'iitsoh Sikaad (formerly Burnham)
  • Toadlena-Two Grey Hills
  • Tse'Daa'Kaan (formerly Hogback)
  • Upper Fruitland
  • Huerfano (north of a horizontal line beginning south of Blanco Trading Post on U.S. 550 and running westward through milepost 79 on New Mexico Highway 371
Judge and Staff
District Court Judge: Genevieve Woody

  Court Administrator Ethel Laughing
  Staff Attorney Derrick Burbank
  Office Technician Melvina C. Bull
Ronald R. Fulton
District and Family Court
  Court Clerks Caroline B. Barber
    Lucia M. Barton-Jensen
    Juanita Goodluck
    Marlene Johnson
    Cornelia Jones
    Shirley A. Ned
    Daisy Paul
Carol M. Frazier
  Bailiffs Billy J. Damon, Jr.
Myron K. Begay
    Lawson A. Harvey
  Peacemaking Services
  Traditional Program Specialist Sara M. Pierce
  Office Technician Candida A. Foster
  Probation Services
  Probation Officers Calvin Silas
    Clorissa Thomas
    Lucy J. Yesslith
  Office Technician Candida A. Foster